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krestala's Journal

Councillor Madra Krestala
8 May
Capitol City
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Counselor Madra Krestala was born to Madra Kota and Madra Kera outside of the Capitol City on Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation. Kera died giving birth to Krestalas twin sisters, Tiyal and Theyla, when she was only two. When she was three, she, her sisters, and their older brother, Jamel, were forced to witness their fathers death. When she was four, Jamel died of starvation, leaving Krestala in charge of her two sisters.

When Krestala was five, she made a plan to leave Bajor with her sisters with the help of a Cardassian named Gwatheil (Her last name is unkown) and a few other unknown Cardassians. When she and her sisters tried to board the shuttle, the Cardassian millitary found them and tried to get them. While Krestala was able to board the shuttle, she had to leave Tiyal and Theyla behind to meet there fate with the Cardassians, a memory that still haunts her to this day. What ever happened to her sisters, Krestala does not know.

When the shuttle reached Earth, Gwatheil gave Krestala and the other five children who were able to make it a little trinket to remeber her by. They all got something different, but Krestala got a golden heart shaped locket. Krestala still has that locket and keeps a picture of both of her sisters in side of it. To this day, Krestala still doesn't know what happened to Gwatheil.

Krestala's foster parents, Mary and Thomas Faren, lived on a ranch in Montana in America. Mary was an artist, Thomas an architect. Thomas built their farm, Mary had painted it. Krestal had grown around art,and predictably, got into art herself. Especialy in Decorations and Decor. At her ranch, she had a black mare named Gwatheil, a tripute to her rescuer.

Krestala loves reading and writing and loves to write stories. She never wrights them by computer or PADD, she always writes them by hand in an old unused, blank leather bound book that has been in her foster family for generations. She was the first ever to write in the book.

When she was fifteen, Kestala decided to join Starfleet. She passed her entrance exam to the Acadamy on her first try. Krestala decided to become a counselor, hoping she could help heal the hurt people have suffered. When Krestala was a sophmore, she was offered to become the new counselor of the Enterprise (she would finish the rest her acadamy years on the Enterprise if she excepted) Krestala, being extreamely shy and nervous, refused saying that she was too young and inexperienced. Krestala graduated from the Acadamy and was offered to become the counciler of Empok Nor. Krestala was hesitant about this, recalling the five years she suffered during the Occupation. But she excepted, thinking that she may be able to find Gwatheil and possibly her sisters.

Onboard the station, Krestala and the comander, Comander Tashanas, got off to a bad start. Tashanas is a strick person of standard protocol, and Krestala forgot to adress her properly, which really ticked Tashanas off. Tashanas pointed out the mistake sarcasticly, destroying most off Krestala's already low self-esteam.

During her first mission, investigating the crash of the Romary and unofficaly making contact with a race called the Prantorians, the consol Krestala was at on the Hades exploded, leaving her serverly burned and temporarily blind.

Krestala cares deeply for Keith O'Donnell. When she found out Section 31 had tried to tourture him, Krestala was angered. She contacted her friend in the Federation News Service and planed to reveal Section 31's existance to the public. Unfortunatly, Section 31 found out and the kindapped Krestala.

Section 31 tourtured and brainwashed Krestala and made her betray her friends.

Krestala is 24 and was serving on Empok Nor as Councillor and Bridge Officer (Rank Ensign).